Diamine Marine Ink Review

diamine marine ink splat and calligraphy

I’ve had Marine for a while and it’s about time for me to review one of my favourite inks from Diamine. I love this vibrant, saturated turquoise when I want something interesting and behaves well in my fountain pens.

First off, I want to say that the colour of Diamine Marine is really hard to accurately capture. Some of my pics leaned too green and others were too blue. So take these images with a grain of salt as they may not be true to colour.

Price and Availability

diamine marine ink bottle and swatchI purchased this ink in the 30ml size which comes in a narrow plastic bottle from The Writing Desk. Diamine ink is available from most major retailers of fountain pens and ink and is typically fairly inexpensive.

I opted for the smaller bottle as I wasn’t sure if I would use a brighter colour as much compared to a blue black. There is still quite a bit of ink in this smaller bottle and it should last you a long time. My bottle is only half full because I previously knocked the bottle over and spilled some of the ink on my desk 🙁

Colour and Appearance

diamine marine ink swabMarine is a turquoise ink that leans on the green side. It is fairly saturated and has a vibrant colour.  However, you can still use this ink to write a full page with a wetter nib as the ink has some depth to it when more is laid down.

The ink does show some shading, especially in wetter nibs. There is no sheen with this ink. In flex nibs and stub nibs, the shading from light to dark is very apparent, but in drier and fine nibs, the ink colour is lighter and quite flat. I prefer how the ink looks in broader and wetter nibs.

diamine marine handwriting sample

Ink Behaviour

This ink performs great with no issues, which is something I have come to expect from Diamine inks. There is little show-through and no bleed-through. The ink dries on the fast side with 5-10 seconds on Rhodia paper.

The ink is not waterproof, but you should still be able to read what you have written if you spill something on the page. Marine is quite easy to clean out of my pens and I have had no issues with staining.

diamine marine water test and dry time

Writing Performance

The ink flows pretty well in my pens. I would say it is about average in terms of wetness, possibly leaning a bit dry. The ink is not the smoothest ink I have used but it writes very well and I always enjoy inking my pens up with this ink. As I have mentioned before, I prefer using this ink with broader and wetter nibs as I find this gives the ink more depth and brings out the shading.

diamine marine handwriting

Comparisons to other inks

As you can see in the image below, Marine has quite a bit more green than other turquoise inks, but it is nowhere near a true green like Diamine Sherwood green or Pelikan Edelstein Jade. I would describe it as a green tourquoise. I don’t really have any inks that are close in colour to Diamine Marine in my collection and I would say that the colour is fairly unique and distinct.

diamine marine ink comparisons


Diamine Marine is an ink that I really enjoy using. It has a great colour and behaves well. It is an interesting colour but not too loud that it is difficult to use regularly. I did not think I would have gotten as much use as I have out of this ink when I originally bought this ink. Overall, I would recommend this ink if you like the colour.

TL;DR: Unique interesting colour that is surprisingly versatile. Would recommend.

diamine marine ink review and writing sample

Diamine Marine Ink Review

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