Muji Gel Pen Review

Muji Gel Pen and Handwriting

Muji is pretty well known for their minimalist style and their stationery appears often on Instagram and Tumblr.  But how does the pen write and is it worth the hype?

Pen Design and Build

4 blue and black muji gel pensFirst off, the pen looks pretty nice. It’s simple and minimalistic, making it perfect for those “aethestic” cleanly arranged Instagram shots. The pen is basically one long semi-opaque tube with nothing disrupting the straight edge. This design results in one of my dislikes about the pen; the grip, or lack of. The plastic of the pen has a matte feel, so it isn’t slippery,  but there isn’t really anything for you to hold onto. As a result, I tend to choose other pens for long periods of writing because they are more comfortable to hold.

Other than that I don’t have anything bad to say about the design or the build. While it is a light pen, the plastic doesn’t feel cheap or fragile. Personally, I prefer a bit more weight. The cap is pretty small and easy to lose, but it snaps onto the back which I like, whilst still maintaining the pen’s straight, clean profile. The line width is marked on the top of the cap with the corresponding ink colour for easy storage and finding.

How does the pen write?

Muji gel pen writing sample comparison

Now onto the most important bit, how it writes. I find the pen writes pretty well. It’s a gel pen and the ink flows well with no hard starts and skipping. I find the 0.38 scratchier and more prone to drying out when left uncapped, compared to the others. Generally, I would recommend the 0.5mm and 0.7mm over the 0.38. I find the line widths to be slightly thicker than what they are marked with. It’s quite a bit thicker than the Pilot Hi-Tec-C’s with the 0.38 being broader than the 0.4mm Hi-Tec-C. However, the 0.7mm isn’t as thick as the 0.7mm Zebra Sarasa (that one is really thick). The ink doesn’t feather or bleed-through on cheap paper.

I’m not sure how to exactly describe my feelings about writing with this pen. Yes, I generally like writing with it and have no issues, but I don’t feel super excited about it and want to use it all the time. Maybe it’s because I have other gel pens that write just as well but feel better in the hand? Maybe it’s because I see them everywhere, so I don’t feel a special need to recommend it? I’m finding it hard to pinpoint the exact reason.

I should also say that comparatively, these pens are priced decently in Australia. However, you can only buy them in Muji stores and I remember I picked them up last time for $1.50 each. I recall seeing a 12 pack with different colours, but that isn’t something I would buy since I really only use black and blue black gel pens. I would also need to go out of my way to pick these up, since there isn’t a store near me, which considering my lack of excitement, I am unlikely to do so.

Comparisons to Other Pens

muji gel pen compared to other pens
L to R: Uni Jetstream, Muji Gel Pen, Pilot Hi Tec C, Muji Gel Pen


Overall, I would say that I like this pen and if you ever come across it I would suggest picking one up to try. However, I don’t think that this pen is my favourite gel pen and something that I will continue to repurchase over and over. Maybe the next time I pass a Muji store I might pick a couple up, but until then, I think I’m satisfied with the handful that I currently own.

TL;DR: I will happily use it this gel pen but I don’t love it.

Muji Gel Pen Review

3 thoughts on “Muji Gel Pen Review

    1. Hi Anne, I bought mine separately, since I wanted to get different sizes and colours, but I believe they are also sold in packs.

  1. From my experience Muji’s gel pens write fairly well, it’s smooth and dries up quickly. However, when the pen tips are placed downward, the ink spilled out after a couple days and leave you a messy ink puddle. This happens to multiple Muji pens I got for myself and my coworkers, so I will not repurchase due to this problem. I never had this problem with other gel pen brands before.

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